Virtual Pop-Up Books

Created by Students in Cherokee County

Experience the Revolutionary War

Like Never Before

In 2023, the City of Gaffney established a partnership with schools in Cherokee County, the South Carolina Humanities Council, Cooper Hewitt, and the Smithsonian Institute Museums on Main to create student-made augmented reality books that will showcase re-enactments of key figures and events from the American Revolution’s Southern Campaign.

Throughout 2023 and 2024, students studying a variety of different disciplines will select a local Revolutionary War story and use research, narrative dramatization, audio-visual editing, and software engineering to create immersive, interactive 3D scenes that guests can engage with by opening up their encasing book.

These books will be organized into a library to commemorate Carolina Rising’s history as a Carnegie Free Library. Throughout 2023 and 2024, students are expected to create a collection of 5 books. The partnerships established in this project will continue year-after-year to expand the collection.


Project Timeline

January – March 2024

8th and 11th grade ELA students will use primary and secondary research to discover and create narratives about specific people and events in Cherokee County during the American Revolution. 

April – June 2024

The researched and written scripts will be re-enacted by drama/theater students. Green screen and motion capture technology will be used to capture student re-enactments for use in the Virtual Pop-Up Books. 

July 2024 – December 2024

Computer Science students will use coding and software development practices to develop displays using the recorded assets created by the Drama students. The CS students will code the displays to be compatible with VR headsets using augmented reality technology that shows the viewer a story when they open the book. 

Grand Opening – 2025

At its Grand Opening, these student-made Virtual Pop-Up Books will be moved into Carolina Rising, becoming a permanent part of the Revolutionary War Experience and commemorating the building’s history as a Carnegie Free Library. 

Make a

Revolutionary Impact

in the lives of the students working on these books
and the people who will experience them.

In honor of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, a local couple has challenged the City of Gaffney to raise $250 from 250 people.

Donations will go towards funding the resources needed for students to bring their projects to life within Carolina Rising.

Sponsorships are
available for $2,500

Sponsors will receive recognition within one of the books.
($2,500 per book)